POET Ethanol Products


Our Services


POET Ethanol Products is committed to adding value to every step in the delivery chain. When it comes to:

  • International Development
  • Portfolio Development & Risk Management
  • Transportation & Distribution
  • Transaction Processing
  • Higher grade octane blends

Our goal is to provide the most optimal and efficient path to market for our production facilities as well as our ethanol, carbon dioxide, denaturant, other fuels, and grain customers.

Marketing & Development

Our portfolio management approach focuses on the understanding of ethanol market fundamentals, and the impact these changing conditions can have on our partners' daily business. Through constant communication and reporting we provide timely market information as well as deal transparency to each of our partners.

Transaction Processing

We've developed a comprehensive back-office solution to assist our partner plants with navigating through the increasingly complex ethanol settlement and compliance reporting process. From invoicing and collection to RFS2, Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and state motor fuel taxes we offer our plants a turn-key approach to administering their settlement and regulatory requirements associated with the sale of ethanol. Our systems are also linked to our customers which allow us to further distinguish our offering to them by streamlining their transaction processing as well.

Transportation & Logistics

Our distribution system is one of the largest and most efficient in the industry, routinely transporting ethanol, carbon dioxide, corn oil, jet fuel and denaturant more than 90 million miles each year. Our proprietary rail and truck fleet gives us logistical insight that few in the industry can match. Our sophisticated computer models allow us to select the most efficient transportation method and route for every gallon or ton we ship. This translates into significant savings for our partners as well as our customers on a real-time basis.